Musk ox apparel for Winter !

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Our Musk Ox Duvets.

We have experimented with the musk ox fibre for a little over 2 years to bring our brand of Duvet into production.The Duvets are made in small batches. 100% Made in Canada !  100% Cotton cover, small 6''inch square pockets keep the musk ox fibre inplace.

First we wash the musk ox fibre, next we fully dehair the fibre to remove all the guard hairs in doing so we are left with just the warm Luxurious soft downy undercoat. We then Card the fibre into a batt & then proceed to manufacture the actual duvet in a range of sizes. The Duvets are very lightweight & warm without the bulk of traditional duvets. See fibre fill below !

Please note: due to Hygene there are no refunds or exchanges on bedding.

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2017 Price- All Prices In Canadian Dollars.

Cot- (coming soon)

Single/Twin duvet-(Coming soon)

Double size duvet-$950.00

Queen duvet-$1,050.00

King Duvet-1,150.00

Quantity of Musk ox fibre in each Duvet:

Cot- (coming soon)

Single/Twin- (coming soon)

Double- 750 grams-375 grams Musk ox, 375 grams Organic Shetland fleece.

Queen- 950 grams-475 grams Musk ox, 475 grams of Organic Shetland Fleece.

King- 1,150 grams- 575 grams Musk ox, 575 grams Organic Shetland Fleece.

The images to the left show the actural Queen size Duvet laid out on a King size bed. comes with an Organic cotton dust cover for Summer storage.

We do recommend using a quality cover over your Duvet to protect it.....All our Duvets are ''Dry Clean Only'' !

Testimonials from our customers........

Kyanna....wer love our new Duvet, it's toasty warm & very lightweight. I had the best night sleep of my life the very first evening.

Alex from Quebec....feels so Luxurious & special  knowing my bedding comes from such a rare fibre as the Musk ox. Highly recommend this Duvet. I will not be returning it.

Diane from CA...We purchased this Quilt for my aging mother because she is always cold & can't have heavy bedding laying on top of her. Lorraine told us it would be perfect for her due to it being so light & airy....she was right. We are very happy with our purchase.....thank you !

Paul from Australia.....Certainly an Amazing product !

The first 2 nights we felt a little cold around the chest area becaus the eduvet cover was new & stiff but by night 3 it was totally fine & warm.